20 Children’s Song for $200!



I just got a very interesting order on my Fiverr gig. Now my gig was created so that I could create a custom song (a song about almost anything) for anyone that really wants it. So far I’ve written a song about social media for my friend Justin Matthew.

I’ve written a song about a persons cat, from that cats own perspective. You can check that one out here The Cat is King.

I even sang a version of the Saturday Night Live song called the Cowboy Song. It was the second part with Kyle Maclachlan. Check that out here. The Cowboy Song

The Order

But recently I just got an order. For 20 children’s songs. Since they didn’t want copyright problems I am required to make original music, so the songs are actually just based on original poems, like Hickory Dickory Dock (what does that mean anyway?) and London Bridges. Right now those are the first two I’m working on. It’s actually really cool to have the freedom to play with the music but to have the words more or less figured out in advance. It enables me as a songwriter to really focus on what I am doing.

This is also exciting because this will be my first major professional moment in music. $200 bux for say 20-30 minutes of music. Lyrics pre-written, just simple songs for kids. If all goes well they were include my songs on their YouTube videos and include me as a composer and performer in the credits! That’s pretty awesome when you think about it!

This is going to be a lot of work. But it will really get me back into making music and also straitening out my music studio to get it ready for this will make it ready for everything else.

Working for YourSelf

It’s true that it’s harder for me to justify doing things for myself, than to do things for others, because unfortunately in this society when others pay, you gotta do it. Now the only trick will be to make sure in the future that I will be paid for my own original songs for myself as well. That’s the next step. My goal is to take on full music video products from beginning to end of the highest quality that I can muster. I want them to be things that I can be proud of. Music that people will want to listen to again and again. Music that will get stuck in people’s heads. I want songs on iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, heck even CD’s if you want it.  The video’s will look like professional work on them. The reason is that professionals will have worked on them. I will be one of those professionals.

For now this is my body of work on YouTube. Even though it has not approached the level I want. It’s actually earning me money.


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