Babies and Sleep a Delicate Balance

The New Baby –

An Ealier Pic of him Sleeping on his toy


So we have a new baby. At least it still feels that way. Time has really flown by and actually the little guy is now nine months old! Wow! My older son and I are really fond of Anti-Jokes and he’d probably say. A year is always the same length of time and also it can’t fly. I’d retort to him that perhaps the universe is expanding and then think to myself that perhaps that would make the year take even longer. So it must be a problem with the space time continuum that makes our perception of the year change. But anyone back to the point. For the babies first couple years of life, there are so many changes, so many things they go through and learn, sleeping will always be something that needs adjusting and changing. What worked one day may not even work the next day. This leads to a lot of frustration. I remember we were having a tough time getting him to sleep, he just didn’t want to stay asleep for more than an hour or two in his crib before he woke up crying. We discovered that if we put a small mattress in his room so we could sleep next to him, that it was more reassuring. I felt really confident that we finally had success, he was going to sleep in his crib now! Previously we’d been exclusively cosleeping, and that was fine for a while, but it was getting really tight in the bed and he was getting way too mobile now for that to be safe. After this successful night I figured from what I learned I could just do it again! Well the next night went totally differently. Instead of being confronted by me being in his room, instead he decided he needed to cry nonstop, stand up every couple minutes after I laid him back down, and basically not going to sleep. I’d love to say that we’d found yet a new solution, but the truth is, with a new baby sometimes it is just going to be rough. The only one getting the quality sleep if any, is going to be the baby. So I suppose until he is potty trained it may be difficult. Would you want to sleep in a wet diaper? I know I wouldn’t


Because of this crazy schedule I’ve had to adapt to doing working in the small spaces when he is sleeping, eating, or doing something else with his mother. You see, I’m a stay at home dad. My wife works during the daytime and I watch the baby. Though before this I had my own IT business. I still do have it, though now I have to figure out how to squeeze it into next to no time. Hence why I’ve been exploring other options that can be done on a more free schedule. This brought to Fiverr.

After that I’ll replace my wife’s entire income, so she doesn’t have to work and I’ll have more time to focus on my music, she’ll have more time to focus on our new baby like she wants to!


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