Remembering my Viral Video Covers Part 1 – Chuck Testa

Over the last couple years I’ve posted quite a few YouTube videos. As is to be expected for a small channel like mine. the videos that performed the best are the ones that were either a parody of a cover of some more popular channels videos or meme related. The only exception is of course baby related videos. Those always win!

Here are the highlights of my best videos from last year and the ones they were based on.

The Gregory Brothers

If you’re a YouTuber you definitely know about the The Gregory Brothers (Autotune The News, Songify This, or even their channel name Schmoyoho). They are wizards at taking spoken words from a video and making them into some pretty kick ass music! Also YouTubers know and love Rhett & Link, who are the creators of the popular series Commercial Kings (a show on the Independent Film Channel where they travel across the US making commercials for small business). Their commercial for Chuck Testa would is a taxidermist went viral, and so of course The Gregory Brothers had to make a song out of it as well. But not only did they make a song from it, but they included footage from another brother duo on YouTube (The Fine Bros) called Kids React. Naturally I thought this would be a fun song to cover since The Gregories are very receptive to people covering their music, they even include a section at the end of their videos to feature their favorite covers. I’ve been included in three of these so far which is very cool! Here are links to all the videos involved.

The Original Commercial Kids React to the Commericial
The Gregory Brothers Songification My Cover

So basically you start out with Rhett and Link’s commercial for the Taxidermist Chuck Testa. That is reviewed by the kids on Kids React made by the Fine Bros, which in turn is double autotuned (both videos combined) into a awesome song by the Gregory Brothers. The Kids react part even culminates in a fugal type section which fans of baroque music should appreciate.  Finally The Gregory’s usual call to act for cover songs (your stuff here) comes and I decide I should do a cover. I always like to do my own kind of take on these covers to make it more mine, to set it more apart. Since I love 80s music especially new wave. I thought I’d do a cover with a more new wave flavor. I changed the melody up a lot and added some beats and synth sounds, did some silly/ strange video effects and you end up with my cover. Strangely enough this video was not featured by The Gregory Brothers but it still to date has over 14,000 views. Now that’s not great by YouTube standards, but that’s still pretty great by my stands so far. Perhaps the fact that there are only 16 covers that Schmoyoho accepted as a video response, and my is number 3 on the list when you go to the view all covers screen. See it here!

I think my goal for this upcoming year and the next year should be to make more time to make videos (which will eventually happen as our baby get’s older). Make more money so I can actually treat my music video project as real professional projects. If I really want to go big I have to treat the music videos like they already are big.

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