A Full Moon at Halloween and SPAM!

It was a full moon at Halloween this year (at least a couple days away from Halloween). A great time to get some cool photos. The clouds, the trees, the move. I thought at any moment a werewolf might come out at get me! All kidding aside I love the night, I don’t mind it being a little cool. It seems like in this weather it’s easier to think. Easier to be introspective, to reflect on ones life.

What I realize at times like these? It’s time to go back inside and get things done, and maybe upload this photo because it’s a very cool picture if I do say so myself. Gotta love Instagram! Anyhow, where was I? Well there is no time like the present to create a business can work for me at home. That can work for me while I’m asleep. The tricky part is getting off the ground. Better go start advertising. I’m not talking spam either. I plan to advertising legitimately  I’m going to put my message in places where people are actually seeking out this. You know why? It’s good business. It’s the right thing to do. I hate spam.

Spam is not only email anymore. But I don’t think people realize this. SPAM is on social media, spam is in TXT messages, YouTube comments, Instagram comments, and any other comments you could image. A lot of times the lines aren’t even clear. But one should always make sure they read the Terms of Service on a particular site, also the Community Guidelines. I think that when in doubt, don’t be a jerk. Don’t think that you can just write it off, ignore people and think that they won’t take action. SPAM can even cost you money if you get sued! Did you know that each country has different laws when it comes to commercial emails, in some cases even different states in the US!


It’s funny but the SPAM law in the US is called the CAN SPAM act of 2003. Well look at that above, also canned spam, but the edible kind. Why did I use that picture? That’s the only free image wikipedia provided in regards to spam.

Why on earth would I want to buy something from someone who is blindly throwing their business message out there. Into peoples personal profiles, person message boxes. All over social media. There is a place for business in social media. But it must be handled very delicately. I’m definitely recognizing that more and more each day. Especially seeing how everyone else does it. Seeing how some people do it without a care. They do it without knowing rules and regulations. The believe the are infallible and invincible. The reality is that SPAM is a big problem. SPAM is something that people get really pissed off about. SPAM wastes people’s time, at home, at work, during times when they have much more important things to do. SPAM costs time and money. So if you have something to sell. Offer it where people are looking to buy. Be smart, be prudent, it’s just good business. Alright then, that’s the end of my rant.

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Moon, Tree and Clouds image (c) 2012 Daniel R. Tulloh (that’s me)

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