Water – A Precious Resource and a Source of Ridicule

Water makes up a good part of our bodies, we crave it after exercise. We use it to clean our dishes, our bodies, our floors, our clothes. It’s scarce in many places. In some places I bet it could be used as a currency of it isn’t already. Some people don’t have enough and die because of lack of water and yet, here in our modern first world. Water the very precious resource that is important for so many things, can also be a source of ridicule. It can indicate that you’re clumsy, messy, uncool and just not all put together. What am I talking about? Just get nice and dressed up for a special occasion, or even just everyday work if you work in business and wear a suit, then spill a little water on yourself. See what happens? People talk, people whisper, people say rude things. Even worse spill it on your pants? Now more ridicule.

People have many double standards in this world. Water is one of the big ones. Better make sure you have it, just don’t put it in the wrong place. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t mind if you run in the rain in your suit. Water, rain, it’s a very special connection to the mother earth. Don’t take it for granted.


Public Domain image of the Earth from


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